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Introduction and how Amara began

Hello, welcome to our blog, let us start by introducing ourselves...we are Claire L and Claire B, we have worked together in the bridal industry for over 10 years and have a passion for ALL things bridal.

In the beginning of 2017 we made the HUGE decision that the time was right for us to open our own bridal shop and we probably experienced every emotion possible, fear, excitement, pride but most of all determination. We knew this is something that we wanted to do and that we could do well, but where to start??

After months and months of research and planning, a unit became available in the beautiful Essex countryside, so we went for a peek - it was perfect, BUT we were not the only people that liked it - so without a second thought we decided to go for it and snapped it up, our dream was going to become a reality and the hard work began.

We got the keys on 9th August 2017 and worked together with supportive friends and family continuously throughout the summer, we pulled up the old carpet, we sanded down the floor, we painted the walls, we laid new carpet, we created changing rooms and a reception area, we fixed up dress rails, we could finally see the grubby office space turning into OUR beautiful boutique and we can honestly say we have put our blood, sweat and tears into it!

The delivery of our stock was a very exciting day, the dresses bought the studio to life. We haven't got hundreds of dresses as we didn't want the choice to be overwhelming, but what we do have, we chose carefully, using our knowledge and experience and they have proved to be spot on, our collection is FAB-U-LOUS!

2nd September 2017 - Opening Day!!!!! We had to pinch ourselves and each other, we had done it, we had opened our own shop, we were filled with an overwhelming amount of achievement and pride (and a few nerves). The doors where open to real customers. There were Pro's and Con's to opening out of town, but it works for us....our customers love it, they can relax and enjoy their wedding shopping experience without any hustle and bustle or having to clock watch to see if the car parking ticket has run out. We decided to run by appointment for everyones benefit, our Brides get exclusivity to the Studio for 2 hours, guaranteeing a completely private appointment to choose that all important dress, their guests can relax in our comfortable seating area and enjoy a cup of tea!

Claire L (Left) and Claire B (right)

Business is great and getting better day by day, we have had so many things to look forward to, Open Days, Wedding Showcases with supportive wedding suppliers and our first Bride gets married in May 2018, which we are really looking forward to, we also have some amazing things to come, so watch this space. Our photo wall is now ready to be filled by our Brides. Everyone that has visited us have given us the biggest compliments, whether its about our dresses, our studio or our customer service, the response has just been amazing! We are so glad we took the plunge to follow our dreams - we haven't looked back and we absolutely LOVE it, we are eternally grateful for each and every person that has made it possible and for their continued support.

Please follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram and we look forward to welcoming many more Brides and Bridesmaids to Amara.

Claire & Claire xx

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