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Prom Dresses...

How we work...


We have a fabulous range of Prom dresses available in a wonderful selection of styles and colours,  our prices range from £195 -£699 in our main collection, a deposit will secure your chosen dress and payment plans are available on request. 

We always have a SALE rail with dresses priced from £49-£399.

PRIVATE appointments are available on request, as we appreciate some girls might need a more quiet and relaxed experience.

Our Prom Promise....We hold a strict policy that we will only sell ONE style of dress to each school regardless of colour, you can be assured that once you have bought your dress, you will be placed confidentially on our school list and we will not sell another to your school!


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Personalised Prom Flutes


Celebrate in style with a personalised prom flutes, available to order!

Choose from Silver, Gold, Black or Pearlescent writing.

£6.95 each

A few dresses from our collection...